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Suggested by namenotrequired | A tutorial magyar nyelven is olvasható!

This might be a little mixed and should be called Chat & Forum Tutorial #8...but it's fine like this :)

We already learned in the previous article How to post a thread, so this might be easy as pie already!
So you created a Chatroom and you'd like a little company or you have a chat event/contest going on and you'd like to promote it?!

Easy! We have a magical part of dA, called the forum :dummy:
Let's find the appropriate Forum for promoting our chatrooms!

If you scroll down, you should find the SHOWCASE section and the first Forum there is the Groups, Chatrooms & Events Forum :dummy:

Please remember to always read the Forum Posting Guidelines to avoid confusion :)

If you run into any problem and can't find any solution for it, please refer to this thread!

In the post, you could tell something about your chatroom:
:bulletpink: What is the topic of it?
:bulletpink: What do you do there? - Contests, Events or general chatting or tea party :dummy:
:bulletpink: The name of the room! Important part :) People tend to leave that part out. Make sure to include that!

Chat Tutorials

Forum Tutorials


Your ideas needed! Or if you have a question, simply head over to the following journal:


2nd article of my Forum Tutorials

In this one: :bulletpink: How to promote your chatroom?

Future articles :bulletpink: I need your help! If you have any kind of suggestions what I could include in my next article, please go to this journal of mine and leave a comment! I'd really appreciate it ;)

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October 3, 2012
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