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August 13, 2012
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Ez a Tutorial Magyar nyelven is elérhető!

Let's get started

Let's see if there's any official FAQ about it:

There's quite some! I recommend you to always read these FAQs before doing anything or visiting #help on dAmn :)

So, let's try out something, shall we?

When you enter your freshly created room you'll notice the following things:

  • The Title are will be empty
  • There will be no topic area
  • You will be placed into 'Guests' by default

You may ask the following; Why am I in the Guests privclass? :noes:
It's simple: because the room is in need of setting up and since you've just created it, no one ever joined it before!
You must promote yourself into the highest (Founders is the default privclass for that) group there, so others will know that you're in charge of that room! :dummy:

How to do that? :noes:
All you have to do is type in the following command:

Please remember to check the official FAQ about this: FAQ #540: How can I customize my chatroom?

/promote username Founders

And tadadaaaa: You will notice the following:

And that the privclass name changed from Guests to Founders!


Cool, isn't it? :la: It's simple and fun to do!

Little trick:
You cando the same without having to deal with these commands!
All you have to dois the following:

Click on the Chatroom Settings Link on the bottom right corner!

The following window should pop up:

Select Founders (it's next to the General option) and then type in your username into the highlighted field.

This is more simple and you can add more then one deviant into the selected privclass, what is faster than typing them in one-by-one :)
YAY for tricks! :cookie:

Renaming an existing privclass

Let's say that you don't want your own group to be called Founders! You'd like to rename it to Unicornman!
You'll have to use another command for that and you have to have Admin privs to do that! It's easy if you're the creator of the room, but if you're just a moderator, you may have to ask the Founder to rename it or to give you rights to do it :la:

/admin rename privclass Founders to Unicornman

Remember: you have to include the "privclass" part before the name of the class and you have to use the current name of the privclass in the first place then add "to" and the new privclass name! But these commands are case sensitive! What does it mean? If your privclass is named like: FoUndErs then you may write use it in the renaming command as it is now. If you type in only founders, the command will not work so choose wisely when you rename your privclasses ;)

And this message should appear if you've done everything right!


Adding a new privclass

The default number if privclasses is not enough for you? You'd like to add a Silenced privclass for those naughty oes who break the rules of your room but you'd rather not kick or ban them? Easy!

Type in:

/admin create privclass Silenced

And if you typed it in correctly, then the privclass should appear in the Chatroom Settings window!

Remember: You may edit that privclass's privileges! We don't need Can Send Messages priv for that because it's the whole point of this group that they can't send messages! Take that right by removing the ✔ from the check box!

Removing a Privclass

It is like adding one, but you have to use a different command for that! ;)
It would look like this:
/admin remove Privclass Members

This command will remove the Members privclass. Of course if you would like to remove another Privclass, you'd have to type in the name of it (the exact name because remember, these commands are CaSe SenSiTivE!) next to the remove privclass part :)

Pro Tip:
It would be wise to move every Member of the Privclass what you are about to delete to another one if you don't want to get them added to Guests (as it is the default Privclass to everyone who joins a chatroom)
To do that, type in the following command:
/admin move users Members to UnicornPoop
This will move EVERYONE from Members to UnicornPoop. You can just create a new Privclass before removing the old one what you don't need anymore or annoys you or any other reason what might make you want to get rid of one of your Privclasses. Remember though that you can't remove the Guests Privclass. It can not be done. Why? because it's a magical Privclass! Seriously though, that is because everyone who joins a channel automatically goes to Guests.

Managing Privclasses

There are tick boxes for each privclass as you can see;
  • Administrate
    :bulletpink: gives them the ability to set the privclasses and more
  • Kick
    :bulletpink: kicking other deviants; this is in connection with can demote to and promote to options!
  • Join
     :bulletpink: If you take this right, none of the deviants can join who is in that privclass!
  • Send Messages
     :bulletpink: This can be helpful ifyou create an event or contest! You can create a separate privclass for sienced deviants who broke the channel rules or spammed your room!
  • Set Topic
    :bulletpink: Topic are is under the title area: here you can give useful informations about your room's theme, contests or informing others who are in charge in your room andsuch
  • Set Title
    :bulletpink: Title is the first row of your room below the room's name. You may give a name for your room or add links to channel rules, groups or whatever you'd like to!
  • Show Notices
    :bulletpink: Notice is an automated message what appears when a deviant joins your room. You can see this message stating with ***

    For example: *** You have joined #CommunityRelations *
    If it bugs you that whenever a deviant joins, you can take that 'right' so if a member of Operators joins your room, the message will not appear. But remember: You may leave that option ticked for Guests! Why? Because you may want to know if y newbie or participant, friend joins that room!

Ordering your Privclasses

FAQ #540: How can I customize my chatroom?
What is this thing? Every privclass you have has a number (order) what can be changed in order to set which privclasse is higher than the other.

The basic setting are:
Banned > Guests > Members > Operators > Founders

When you create a new privclass, it will have order #2 which means it will be between Banned and Guests

But what if you want your newly created privclass to be higher than the Operator Privclass?

First of all you may check the current settings of the privclasses:
for that simply type in /admin show privclass

The basic order value for privclasses:

  • Founders - 99
  • Operators - 75
  • Members - 50
  • Guests - 25
  • Banned - 1

so if you have the AwesomePeople privclass created for your friends or those who you'd like to give more privs for example and you want them to appear above Operators, then you may choose a number between 76 to 98!

For example:

/admin update privclass AwesomePeople order=76
with this, you will get your privclass to be shown between Operators and Founders :)

Order values has huges effect on promoting and demoting! You'll see in the next part below!

Promoting and Demoting

:bulletpink: Promoting:
Simple as pie and a kinda showed it to you already in the beginning ;)
Official FAQ: FAQ #290: How do I manage the users in my chatroom, and set operators and members?

Simply type in:

/promote username Privclassname

Trick: If you simply type in /promote username, it will promote the deviant into the next group what you've created. For example if you didn't add any new privclass to your freshly created room, then if you type /promote username then the deviant who joined your room will be added to the Members group! Nice, isn't it? It depends on the order values of the privclasses!

:bulletpink: Demoting:
It's basically the same as promoting but it moves the deviant from a higher privclass to a lower one (it depends on the order settings)

/demote username Banned

This will send the deviant into the Banned privclass what is for those who broke the rules of your chatroom!

Chat Tutorials

Forum Tutorials

Still need help? Then it's best to visit #help on dAmn :la:


If you have ideas, I collect them here:
Please feel free to comment there and I'll do my best to include your ideas into a tutorial :)

dekorAdum :happybounce:

3rd article of my dAmn tutorial series.

In this one: :bulletpink: Customizing your Chatroom

Stay tuned for the next article what will contain: :bulletpink: How to Delete a Chatroom!
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MiaNekoCat Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is there any way to restore messages from a chatroom? UuU
Say for when you tab out and when you go back it's not there?
dekorAdum Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I don't think it's possible unfortunately. However, if you or someone has a bot, it can log the conversations which can be checked anytime you want to.
To set up one, visit Botdom :)
GnarlyRockerchick Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How can I erase the topic and/or title so that it is blank?
dekorAdum Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Type in /title and hit space, then enter.
Same goes for /topic
GnarlyRockerchick Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh okay thank you. It worked once I double spaced.
Echowolf97 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
How do you clear the chat??
dekorAdum Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Type in the following command:


Simple as that!
Echowolf97 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Lol Would figure I was over thinking it. xD
Thanks! :D
dekorAdum Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
No problem!
wavebite Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
How can you change the names?
Let's say I wanted to change 'Founders' for a different name.
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